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Titolari di assegno di ricerca (AR)

Jasper Brinkerink

Short bio

My topical research centers on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability issues  affecting family businesses and otherwise privately-held SMEs. My interest in smaller firms arose from a curiosity about how seemingly disadvantaged players can remain competitive through cycles of technological and societal change. Recent work in this direction has been published in, a.o., ETP, FBR, JFBS, and JPIM.

I also increasingly engage in metascience work – research on research – in which I study scientific practice in my own and related fields, with particular attention for the role of incentive structures in driving these practices. Work in this domain appearered in ETP.

I always go to work on a bicycle, so if you see me somewhere on the road, feel free to wave, or tell me to get out of your way.

Macroaree di ricerca

Family business; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Sustainability; Meta-science


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