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Lynn Mastellotto

Short bio

PhD (University of East Anglia), MA and BA (McGill University), PGCE (Oxford University)

I am a researcher in English Language and Translation (LIN-12). I work primarily in teacher education for English Language Teaching (ELT) in multilingual contexts. My research interests include:
- travel writing & life writing
- English as a second/foreign language with young learners 
- translanguaging practices in multilingual contexts
- multimodal approaches to multiliteracies (incl. storytelling & children's literature)
- English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
- integrating content and language in higher education (ICLHE)



Cicli seminariali I anno

15125 · Corso di Dottorato di ricerca in Pedagogia generale, Pedagogia sociale, Didattica generale e Didattica disciplinare · EN

Didattica L3 - English learning in the classroom – approaches and methods – lesson planning and syllabus design in English language teaching (laboratorio)

11339B · L-LIN/12 · Corso di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in Scienze della Formazione primaria - sezione in lingua italiana · EN

Introduction to Academic Skills Lab.

12455 · L-LIN/12 · Corso di laurea in Scienze della Comunicazione e Cultura · EN

Macroaree di ricerca

Language learning and processing (first and second languages) - ERC SH4_8 
Languages and multilingualism in South Tyrol


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