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Professori ordinari di ruolo | Decision support and recommender systems

Francesco Ricci

Short bio

Francesco Ricci is full professor of the Faculty of Engineering. F. Ricci has established in Bolzano a reference point for the research on Recommender Systems. He has co-edited the Recommender Systems Handbook (Springer 2022), and has been actively working in this community as President of the Steering Committee of the ACM conference on Recommender Systems (2007-2010). He was previously (from 2000 to 2006) technical director of the eCommerce and Tourism Research Lab (eCTRL) at ITC-irst (Trento, Italy). F. Ricci is author of more than two hundred fifty refereed publications and, according to Google Scholar, has h-index 60 and around 22000 citations. Recommendation techniques designed by F.Ricci are used in tourism portals, media monitoring system, information systems and dating web sites.


Computer Programming

76258 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica · EN

Introduction to Programming

76440 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica e Management delle Aziende digitali · EN

Macroaree di ricerca

Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Applications to Tourism, Media and Health.

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