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Technical Room – Materials Characterization Lab

lab activity

The Materials Characterization Lab is a space dedicated to research activities related to the mechanical characterization of materials, systems and components for engineering applications.
Research is done in collaboration with other research groups as well as industrial partners.
The Materials Characterization Lab provides a resource for those who require expert know-how of materials and design of mechanical systems and structures.

Biological risk, carcinogen risk (high temperature furnace).



Research Focus

Material testing and characterization
    Constitutive law – stress-strain curve

  •    High cycle fatigue testing
  •     Low cycle fatigue testing
  •     High temperature testing
  •    3- and 4-point bending tests
  •    Punch tests
  •    Mechanical testing of structures and systems

Metallographic analysis

  •    Sample preparation
  •    Hardness tests
  •    Micro-hardness tests
  •    Optical microscopy
  •    SEM (in collaboration)
  •    Roughness measurements


Main Instrumentation

Material Charachterization:

  • MTS Criterion 45 (universal testing machine)
  • STEP-LAB UD04 (fatigue testing machine)

Real Time Data Acquisition and Measurements:

  • GOM ATOS Core300
  • NIKON D800 2D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Measurement Systems
  • 2X BASLER ACE 2500


  • COORD 3 ARES 755 mot Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • TAYLOR HOBSON TALYSURF (rugosimeter)
  • TAYLOR & HOBSON–MOD. FROMTALYSURF I60 (profilometer)

Metallographic Equipements:

  • AFFR– VRS (hardness tester)
  • AFFR– DM 2 (micro-hardness tester)
  • OPTIKA - IM-3 MATERIAL SCIENCE (MET) (inverted metallurgical microscope)
  • HAAS –mod. CM-1 (3-axis milling machine)
  • METKON - Mod. Ecopress 50 (hot mounting press)
  • TEMCET2000 - Mod. MP22 (Polishing)
  • METKON - Mod. Metacut M 251 (Cutting)



Room E0.10


Dr. Franco Concli

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