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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Dual Study Programme

For interested companies in the Dual Study programmes

Companies can advertise jobs with an option for a dual study programme. Interested companies may contact the secretariat of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Once the company has found a suitable candidate, he or she must complete and sign the Declaration of Intent (stating that the company will employ the student for the entire duration of the study programme and that participation in the course will be possible). This has to be uploaded in the application portal or submitted to the secretariat of the Faculty of Science and Technology by 29 September 2019.

unibz is also actively looking for companies for prospective students who have not yet found a partner company. Companies interested in accepting students can express their interest by completing the Company Profile and sending it to the faculty secretariat. The profiles are then forwarded to prospective students.

Declaration of intent

Company Profile