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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Companies and Partnerships

We collaborate with companies and institutions at a local, national and international level. We facilitate the employment of students and graduates and, through our research activities, we assist companies in the development of innovative products, processes and services.

Internships and Job placements

Most of our degree courses involve a compulsory internship. Besides trilingualism, the practical approach of our study programmes is one of the reasons why more than 76,7% of our graduates find a job within a year after graduation (source: AlmaLaurea).

You might contact us:

  • if your company can offer opportunities for an internship or would like to start an internship,
  • or you have student jobs vacancies,
  • or you are looking for a student for a collaboration to investigate and solve a practical issue or carry out a research project for a final dissertation,
  • or if you wish to hire one of our graduates.

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Natalie Mikulic - Global Recruitment, Schlegel und Partner GmbH | Weinheim, Germany

Als global agierendes Consulting Unternehmen suchen wir Menschen, die international sehr gut aufgestellt sind. Das betrifft nicht nur deren fachliche Qualifikation, sondern auch sprachliche und kulturelle Kompetenzen. Studierende und Absolventen der unibz bringen genau diese Fähigkeiten mit. Wir haben sei es mit Praktikanten als auch mit Absolventen sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.

Der Praktika- und Jobservice hilft sehr professionell und flexibel - einfach vorbildlich.

Research and Innovation

Thanks to our scientific expertise, your company and we might face the challenges of the 21st century together. If you are interested in research in specific fields or topics and you are looking for a partnership to develop new technologies, you can contact our Office for Quality and Strategy Development at this telephone number +39 0471 011600 or via e-mail

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Sponsoring and Patronage

Businesses and institutions help the university fulfil its educational and research role. This might happen through sponsorships or patronage, for example by sponsoring our events. If you and your company are interested, please contact our Press and Event Management office at this telephone number +39 0471 011500 or via e-mail

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