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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Bachelor in

Communication Sciences and Culture

How can we promote a dialogue between different cultures which are getting increasingly closer due to economic globalisation and migration? What are the most effective communication tools for institutional communication in the public and private spheres?

Course description

This study programme will help you find the answers to all these questions and discover much more. This course aims at giving you the basic knowledge in the field of communication and the soft skills that employers look for, in various sectors: business and government communication, in the cultural and charity sector, in traditional and online publishing and in training institutions.

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At a glance

Italian Bachelor class: L-20
ECTS credits: 180
Duration of the course: 3 years
Courses will be taught in: Italian, German and English (trilingual)
Places available: 40 EU + 4 non-EU
Campus: Brixen-Bressanone
Tuition fees: ca. € 1350 per year

Course structure

The study programme in Media, Communication and Culture includes theoretical disciplines that provide you with the basis for a critical analysis of the mechanisms of contemporary communication such as: Psychology of Communication, Cultural Anthropology, Elements of Linguistic Theory, Sociology of Culture. The course also explores in depth the various forms of art and Aesthetics.

Besides these subjects, you will also study modules that have a more practical focus, such as Theory and Methodology of Marketing and Communication, Web Design and Visual Communication, Statistics, and Public and Media Law.

Thanks to the 12 open credits option - credits that you can obtain through optional modules and workshops offered within the programme or in other Faculties - you will be able to customise your degree by studying in depth more disciplines within Economics, Visual Arts or New Technologies.

The feature that makes this course stand out among similar programmes offered in other Italian universities is that the courses are taught in three different languages, and this will be a real asset for you when you apply for jobs.


Degree Course director: Prof. Alessandro Vietti 
Student Representative in the Course Council: Maria Hafner

Peer tutoring

First-year students will be supported through a personalised tutoring aimed at welcoming them and guiding them in their educational path. Each student will be assigned to a peer tutor, who, for example, will assist them in organising their study activities, in choosing courses to attend or with general questions about student life at unibz.

Exchange programmes and internships

Currently we offer exchange programmes with these universities: LMU Munich, Lüneburg University, University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany, University of Malta and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and our university is part of a large network of collaboration with employers in Italy and abroad where you can undertake an internship.

You will need to undertake a compulsory internship lasting a minimum of 300 hours. You can choose where to carry out your internship from the long list of Italian and foreign businesses unibz is partnered with.

In addition to the compulsory 300-hour internship, students can also undertake optional and graduate internships to gain diverse experience in the field of communication.

Career opportunities

Once you complete your 3-year degree course in Media, Communication and Culture, you will be able to choose among various career opportunities: working for a communication agency (traditional and online), advertising and event organisation companies; working as a PR or marketing professional for charities, public institutions (museums, institutional PR offices) or private companies; you can create media content (web portals, radio, TV, magazines and newspapers in print or online) or work as a training professional.

Alternatively, you could also choose to progress to postgraduate study and apply for a Master degree through which you can expand your foundation knowledge and specialise in a field; you could also attend a Journalism school to become a professional journalist.

Well prepared and ready for the job market. On the website of AlmaLaurea you can check statistical data about graduates’ satisfaction and their employability.

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Margherita Mescolotto


I would recommend this bachelor programme to anyone with a desire to undertake a practice-based learning experience. Each class, in fact, requires the application of theory in concrete projects, such as the creation of a visual communication or marketing campaign, and the internship is a great opportunity to interface with the professional dimension. Added value is represented by the trilingualism and the interdisciplinary approach, which are useful for developing good critical and creative thinking. The aspect I most appreciated about this degree was the possibility of customising my study programme. I joined a theatre course offered by my faculty, the organisation of seminars and workshops at the unibz Sustainability Festival. Another project in which I was involved, IAQOS Bolzano, led to the conception and realisation of a technology to generate social innovation. This became the subject of my experimental thesis and was continued in my decision to enrol in the Master programme in Human-Computer Interaction in Trento. 

Abram Tomasi

PR e Communications Manager - Visore Lab, Paris

This Bachelor has been a fundamental experience for my career. I’m currently in Paris working as a PR and Communications Manager at the creative agency Visore Lab, specialised  in fashion, art, and music. I am also completing my master in Marketing and Communication at La Statale di Milano. This journey has shaped me for both marketing and creative pathways. I recommend this study programme to those who are curious and adaptable, as it allows exploration of various fields. Moreover, during my bachelor I took part in the the Spring School, that offers workshops to introduce students to the working world, like the one with Anna Quinz (FranzLab), which significantly influenced my path. In fact, I did an internship at FranzLab which opened many collaborations with independent magazines. unibz's trilingualism is unique and even though it has been challenging, it opens the doors to Europe. In my current role, I handle social media, e-commerce, events, interviews, fashion projects, and collaborations with other agencies. I advise prospective students to be flexible and curious, ready for new challenges.


Studying at unibz

Living in South Tyrol, Housing, Scholarships, Single Subject Courses and more

Coming to unibz from Abroad

Everything you need to know as a degree-seeking applicant or as an incoming exchange student

Campus Tours

You can book a tour of the Bozen-Bolzano campus with one of our Student Ambassadors and have the chance to visit unibz and get a glimpse of your future student life. Visits are available every working day, Monday to Friday, from 29 May to 4 July 2024.

If you are interested in visiting the Brixen-Bressanone campus (where this study programme takes place), please send an email to to organise a tour.

Application and Admission

You can find all you need to know in order to apply and gain admission to this study programme by browsing through the information below.

Early Bird Application

Application: 01/03 - 07/05/2024 (by noon local time)
Language exams (online): 18/03/2024 (registration: 01 - 10/03/2024) and 17 - 18 - 19 and 22 - 23/04/2024 (registration: 25/03 - 09/04/2024)
Admission exam: 23/05/2024
Publication of ranking lists: by 28/05/2024
Payment of the 1st instalment of the tuition fees: by 06/06/2024 (by noon local time)
Enrolment: from 12/07 - 06/08/2024 (by noon local time) 

Late Application (only for EU citizens)

Application: 29/05 - 10/07/2024 (by noon local time)
Language exams (online): 24 - 29/06/2024 (registration: 29/05 - 16/06/2024)
Admission exam: 18/07/2024
Publication of ranking lists: by 30/07/2024
Payment of the 1st instalment of the tuition fees: by 06/08/2024 (by noon local time)
Enrolment: from publication of the ranking list until 06/08/2024 (by noon local time) 

Additional Application Session (only for EU citizens)

The Faculty can open additional application sessions for single study programmes in August and in September if there are available spaces. More information on additional sessions will be published in due course.

Preparatory courses and Freshers Days

Intensive language courses: 02 - 20/09/2024 (Monday to Friday, 6 h/day)
Freshers Days:  01- 02/10/2024

1st semester

Classes: 30/09 - 23/12/2024
Holidays: 24/12/2024 - 06/01/2025
Classes: 07/01 - 25/01/2025
Exams: 27/01 - 15/02/2025

2nd semester

Classes: 03/03 - 17/04/2025
Holidays: 18- 21/04/2025
Classes: 22/04 - 14/06/2025
Exams: 16/06 - 12/07/2025

Autumn session

Exams: 25/08 - 27/09/2025

The Advisory Service provides support regarding your choice of study. In many cases a simple call or a short request is enough to get the relevant information (Tel. +39 0471 012100).

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