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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Faculty of Engineering

At our faculty teaching, research, and real-world applications go hand in hand. We combine competences in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence, computer science, electronics, energy, mechanics, manufacturing, and sustainability.


Academics from many different countries create the ideal international environment for research. Leading scientists in industrial and information engineering as well as computer science work on projects that are internationally recognised and financed by private companies and public institutions.

Teaching is supported by an excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratories and evolves from fresh research results, so that students of all levels are challenged by contributing to innovative engineering projects with a real-world impact for business, society, and the academic community. The opportunity to take part in exchange and international cooperation programmes with universities all over the world offers students, researchers, and lecturers the ideal context to pursue their professional and education goals in academia.

The faculty can rely on an optimal infrastructure at its main research site at NOI Techpark, the science and technology park of South Tyrol that hosts 4 research institutes, 40 scientific laboratories, 40 companies and 30 start-ups.

In the 2023 Times Higher Education Engineering subject ranking the faculty ranked among the top 200 faculties worldwide and in the Computer Science subject ranking among the top 250.

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Our research is designed to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the main research areas of the faculty and develop new technologies that solve real-world problems. Our faculty members collaborate with industry partners, public institutions, and other universities to bring their research findings to life, creating innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. From developing new materials for energy storage to creating software systems that can optimise industrial processes, our research is making a tangible impact on the world.

A special focus is on applied research and knowledge transfer, which can be ensured in particular through the research activities in our numerous laboratories at the NOI Techpark.

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Our faculty relies on a dense network of collaborations at local, national, and international levels. Professors, researchers, and students can develop their research, teaching and learning activities with dozens of academic partners, such as the University of California, the Technical University of Munich, and the University of Trento.

Many different large international companies (e.g., BMW or IBM), start-ups and local companies (e.g., Leitner Ropeways or VMware), as well as Public Administrations and Services –have collaborated with the faculty in the last years.


Dean: Prof. Andrea Gasparella (photo)
Vice Dean for Studies: Prof. Marco Montali
Vice Dean for Research: Prof. Angelika Peer
Head of the Faculty Secretariat: Nadine Mair
Student Representatives in the Faculty Council: Nicolas Bonet, Axel Mezini

State examinations

Graduates at the bachelor level may sit the Italian state exam to become a registered Junior Engineer. Graduates at the master level may sit the Italian state exam to become a registered Senior Engineer.