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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Bachelor in

Economics and Management

This trilingual study programme provides you with in-depth knowledge of economics and management, in accordance with international standards.

Course description

Our lecturers from 8 different countries analyse current issues in economics and finance and study companies embedded in a global economy.
Our tutoring system ensures constant support to students. During the first year, each lecturer supervises no more than 8 students. In addition, by attending classes focused on communication techniques and data and information systems management, you will gain the skills required to perform successfully in an increasingly demanding economic and financial context.

At a glance

Bachelor class: L-18
ECTS credits: 180
Duration of the course: 3 years
Courses will be taught in: Italian, German and English (trilingual)
Places available: 150 EU + 5 non-EU
Campus: Bozen-Bolzano
Tuition fees: €1.347,50 per year

Structure of the course

In the first two years you will consolidate your knowledge of political economy, business economics, maths, law and statistics. In the third year, depending on your interests and professional goals, you will be able to choose from a range of optional modules and, therefore, tailor your degree to your needs. You will be able to put a focus on the following fields: econometrics, business economics, accounting, management.


Degree Course director: Prof. Alex Weissensteiner (photo)
Student Representative in the Course Council: Emil Britzelmaier

Exchange programmes and internships

Currently, we offer exchange programmes with more than 50 partner universities all over the world and we are part of a large network of collaboration with employers in Italy and abroad. This study programme involves a compulsory internship lasting a minimum of 150 hours.

Career opportunities

Most of our graduates choose to continue to postgraduate study, in Italy or abroad, with a Master programme in Accounting, Banking and Finance, International Management or similar fields. Thanks to a 4+1 Programme agreement with the New York University's Business School, our graduates will be given favourable consideration in the admissions process to gain a Master of Science in Accounting.

Thanks to the practical approach of this programme, many graduates decide to look for a job straight away in various sectors of business: some in accounting, others in business consulting.

The international approach of the programme, our teaching methods and studying in three languages open doors towards a career in top management of private and public organisations in Europe or around the world.

This programme prepares students to sit the State Examination to gain access to the Italian National Register of Chartered Accountants, sector B of the register.

Well prepared and ready for the job market. On the website of AlmaLaurea you can check statistical data about graduates’ satisfaction and their employability.

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Verena Bonetti

Junior Product Manager, Oberalp-Salewa, Bozen-Bolzano

Ho scelto il corso di economia e management per sviluppare competenze trasversali in modo tale da rispondere alle esigenze del mercato odierno. Ho scelto unibz perché ho potuto espandere quelle conoscenze in 3 lingue, sfruttando un clima internazionale e accompagnata da un’infrastruttura che fornisce molteplici servizi. Non è stato semplice e le sfide sono state numerose, sono già passati degli anni ma ancora oggi sono convinta della mia scelta! Particolarmente significativa è stata la mia esperienza Erasmus in Canada, alla Lethbridge University, così come le esperienze lavorative: il tirocinio da Marzadro e quello post-laurea da Miele Italia. Inoltre, il mio coinvolgimento per 3 anni nello SCUB, l’associazione sportiva studentesca di unibz, è stata un'esperienza altamente formativa perché ho potuto sviluppare varie tipologie di soft skills e comunicazione, ho imparato cosa vuol dire fare parte di un team e come motivarlo, come organizzare al meglio il proprio tempo e le proprie risorse.


studying at unibz

Studying at unibz

Living in South Tyrol, Housing, Scholarships, Single Subject Courses and more

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Coming to unibz from Abroad

Everything you need to know as a degree-seeking applicant or as an incoming exchange student


In order to be admitted, you will be required to prove that you have a B2 level of competence in at least two of the three languages in which courses are taught at unibz. If you don't have an official language certification, you can take a language exam at our university.

Selection Criteria
Average of your grades from the third last and penultimate years of secondary school (90%), language proficiency (10%). 

There is no admission exam or interview

Online Application
Early Bird - for EU and non-EU citizens: 1 March - 26 April 2019, noon 
Late Application - for EU citizens only: 20 May - 11 July 2019, noon

Publication Ranking Lists
Early Bird: by 17 May 2019
Late Application: by 30 July 2019.

The faculty offers a preparatory course in Maths to first year students (first two weeks of September).

You can find all the information you need about the documentation required for the application in the Study Manifesto.

Contact us by phone at +390471012100 or fill in the request form.

Ranking list

study manifesto

Regulations (only in Italian or German)

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