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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Faculty of Design and Art

Designers and artists have in common the ability to create communication that involves all the senses and, through their creations, to provoke a critical analysis of the status quo.

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Art and design are not traditional forms of knowledge, however, they facilitate deep observation and knowledge in a way that few other disciplines do. 

Our goal is to encourage the individual talent of our students; to guide them in the process of development of their professional competence and provide them with the practical and intellectual tools that enable them to perform their role as designers in and of society.

Our approach to study is interdisciplinary and team-based: teaching and learning happen through both studying and projects. A team of lecturers who are specialists in the practice and theory of art and design will regularly suggest to small groups of students new topics to work on.


Our research portfolio is as diverse as the design sector itself. We study the traditional forms of design: communication design, typography, theory and history of design and product design, objects and spaces. We also explore topics belonging to the realms of other disciplines: semiotics, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and aesthetics. 

Our three main research areas are:

  • Visual culture and its impact on society;
  • Phenomena, processes and results of three-dimensional projects;
  • Theories, forms and languages of design, art and visual culture.

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unibz Prof Schmidt Wulffen Stephan


Dean: Prof. Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen (photo)
Vice Dean for Teaching: Prof. Antonino Benincasa
Vice Dean for Research: Prof. Nitzan Cohen
Head of the Faculty Secretariat: Andrea Caser
Student representatives in the Faculty Council: Stefania Rigoni, Martina Soffritti


The collaborative approach typical of our faculty is expressed by the many projects we collaborate on with external partners. We maintain a constructive and interdisciplinary exchange with partner faculties all over the world and with local institutions such as the European Academy (EURAC) and MUSEION, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bozen. Our faculty is very active in the Euregio university network and collaborates with small and medium businesses from South Tyrol, with local councils and charities.


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