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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Faculty of Education

More than 1300 students at our Campus in Brixen-Bressanone can rely on an excellent learning environment thanks to direct and regular contact with lecturers and state-of-the-art facilities. Currently our teaching staff includes 23 lecturers and 35 researchers.


Facilities include: a well-equipped library, an excellent IT service, our EduSpaces including Lernwerkstatt; Multilab; Language Lab; Research Centre and Archive for the History of Education in South Tyrol.

The quality of our courses, based on the link between research, teaching and fieldwork, is also guaranteed by collaboration with institutions working on education and professional training, communication and culture, social services, social education and welfare in the region.

One special feature of the Faculty is the chair for Ladin Language and Culture and its Ladin Section where, apart from related scientific research, the teaching personnel for the primary schools of the Ladin valleys is trained.




Research carried out in the faculty focuses on three main areas:

  • educational and development projects and processes for different age groups and contexts;
  • social dynamics, social cohesion,citizenship and solidarity systems;
  • languages and communication for a multicultural and multilingual society.

Our key research topics are those related to education in the family and in primary school; the development of professional skills for teachers in the wider context of lifelong education; intergenerational interaction; community development; social and cultural dynamics linked to the challenges posed by social inequality; sustainable social development and the wide interdisciplinary topic of teaching languages and linguistic competence in multilingual contexts.

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Prof. Paul Videsott unibz


Dean: Prof. Paul Videsott (photo)
Vice-Dean for Teaching: Prof. Michael Gaidoschik
Vice-Dean for Research: Prof. Giulia Cavrini
Head of the Faculty Secretariat: Francesca Martorelli
Student representative in the Faculty Council: --


Our faculty relies on a large network of collaborations with national and international organisations and universities. At the same time, our faculty has created a large network of collaborations, of which the main hubs are: local educational authorities, Italian, German and Ladin language schools in South Tyrol, the Department of Knowledge and Education in the Trento province, the museums network, libraries, media libraries and cultural societies of the Euregio area.


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