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The first Bolzano Science Slam. Slammers wanted!

In October, unibz, Eurac Research, NOI Techpark, with the support of the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse, will organise the first Bolzano Science Slam. If you are a researcher, what better chance to test yourself and capture the audience with the story of your own project?

What is a Science Slam? Well, let's begin by saying it is an event where the protagonists are the researchers themselves. Most of them work hard behind closed doors to carry on their research but, most of the time, who gets to know what they are investigating?

Science Slam gives them the chance to communicate their projects to a wider audience in an engaging way. The latest research from a wide range of fields - from molecular biology to physics to medicine – is turned into an entertaining theatrical program. 

Slammers have 10 minutes for their presentation: they have to explain what they are looking for with their research and try to win the hearts of the audience. After each presentation, the audience votes to rate how they liked the content and the performance. And at the end of the evening, the slammer with the most votes is the winner!

Science Slams appeal to a diverse audience: students and non-academics, young and old, science nerds and slam enthusiasts, everyone can take part, regardless of age or profession.

The first Bolzano Science Slam will take place in October on the following dates: Thursday 20.10.22 at Eurac Research, Thursday 27.10.22 at NOI Techpark, and Friday 28.10.22 at the Bozen-Bolzano campus.

You can participate if you are doing research in South Tyrol, regardless of the subject area, or if you are based outside the province, as long as your topic has a strong South Tyrolean connection. All you have to do is send a five-line abstract of the research project you would like to present during the Slam. Once admitted, you will enjoy a two-day coaching session with professional coaching with celebrated and well-known Slam stars who will be on hand to help you package complex content into entertaining science stories.

So what are you waiting for? Apply by July 1st for the first Bolzano Science Slam!

More info and application: