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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors

Elisabeth Tauber

+39 0472 014133

BX A3.15a
Faculty of Design and Art
Universitätsplatz 1 - piazza Università, 1

Short bio

Working as an anthropologist among designers, allows me to realise the surprising  ways in which their gaze on the world  alters our view on different environments. As an anthropologist, I contribute to (re)thinking design with critical reflection and descriptions. My ethnographic research with Sinti had led me to questions of flight-marriage, relationships with the deceased, gift economies and of the appreciation of people who do not need writing for their historical memory. Currently, I am working in different research teams exploring grasslands and their more-than-human actors, as well as on questions on how to understand and translate the possible communications between different species.


Anthropology of Intercultural Processes

17204 · M-DEA/01 · L-20 Communication - 2012 · DE

Cultural Anthropology

97133 · M-DEA/01 · L-4 Design and Art - Art · EN

Cultural Anthropology

96114 · M-DEA/01 · LM-12 Eco-Social Design - 2019 · EN

Cultural Anthropology

97133 · M-DEA/01 · L-4 Design and Art - Design · EN

Ethnographic research methods

15144E · PhD Education - 2023 · EN

Theory: Sociology

95913Q · SPS/08 · Master 1. level Design for children · EN


Co-coordinatior of the Malinowski Forum for Ethnography and Anthropology.


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