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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured full professors | Database systems

Johann Gamper

+39 0471 016140

BZ P2.15
Faculty of Engineering
Dominikanerplatz 3 - piazza Domenicani, 3

Short bio

Johann Gamper is full professor at the Faculty of Engineering. Since 2018 he serves as Vice-Rector for Research at unibz.  Johann Gamper received a MSc degree in Computer Science from the TU Vienna (1989) and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the RWTH Aachen (1996).  His research concentrates on database technologies with a focus on processing, querying and analyzing temporal data, including time series.  He is author of 140+ publications in international journals and conference proceedings, many of which are in the most prestiguous outlets of database systems (TODS, VLDBJ, TKDE, SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE). He regularly serves as reviewer for technical journals, PC member and organizer of conferences.


Database Management Systems

76213 · INF/01 · L-31 Computer Science - 2020 · DE

Main Research Areas

Temporal databases
Time series data
Data warehousing and data analytics
Approximate query answering
Data summarization
Graph matching

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