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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency (ERE2)


The rational exploitation of energy resources combines engineering and environmental aspects together with socio-economic development. The paradigms of energy efficiency in generation, distribution, and use, of fossil fuels replacement with renewable sources, and of the water-energy nexus are addressed in the context of the local mountain territory of South Tyrol.


Covered topics

  • Biomass and biogenic residues thermochemical processing for energy, biofuels and bio-based materials production, with particular attention to the concept of circularity and process integration (biorefinery). Novel biomass combustion systems with nearly-zero emissions. 
  • Waste stream valorisation routes are investigated by means of hydrothermal carboniszation (HTC) and liquefaction (HTL), gasification-to-liquid, -biomethane and -hydrogen with the aim of producing biofuels and value-added products. 
  • Energy and environmental assessments of power generation systems fueled by renewable gas mixtures and hydrogenated fuels and their management optimisation with energy storage solutions. Thermo-fluid-dynamic experimental and numerical investigations on thermal engines (ICEs and micro gas turbines); fundamental flame studies on hydrogen and renewable gas mixtures. 
  • Green powertrains are studied within the current green transition in the automotive sector towards sustainable mobility. Numerical and experimental activities include: the characterisation and modeling of electrical and hybrid vehicles powertrains; the modeling and integration of hybrid powertrains for passenger, agricultural and industrial machines. 
  • Hydropower and energy efficiency of smart water systems. Optimisation of hydroelectric production in relation to climate change, mitigation of the environmental and ecological impacts of hydroelectricity. Water supply and district heating systems, pressurised flows in industry, optimisation of the water-energy nexus. Energy recovery and hidden hydropower potential exploitation in civil and industrial streams through novel fluid machines. 

Associated laboratories

Bioenergy & Biofuels LAB