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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Mathematical Foundations (MATH)


We are mainly dealing with applied mathematics: we develop and employ mathematical approaches, methods and tools to investigate issues and questions which arise in different fields, from socio-economic to engineering and technological ones. Our research includes the various stages of modelling, analytical study and numerical simulations. 

Covered Topics

  • Mathematical models for complex systems 
  • Structures and properties of complex networks 
  • Diffusion dynamics on top of complex networks 
  • Mathematical models for socio-economic systems 
  • Numerical methods for DAE and SDAE 
  • Equations and simulations of ropeway dynamics 
  • Theoretical physics: field theory, quantum system 
  • Fractional calculus and linear viscoelasticity 
  • Prabhakar fractional calculus 
  • Exterior calculus and generalised electromagnetic models 
  • Non-cooperative game theory with applications to economics 
  • Optimality and welfare analysis of regulatory policies 
  • Variable structure control 
  • Memoryless algorithms for large scale optimisation 
  • Limited memory approximations for the data matrices 
  • Optimisation models in real world applications