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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

The Role of the Students


The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano places the role of the students at the center of the Quality Assurance process and assigns them an active and participatory role.


The Student Representatives

Student representatives are present in most bodies of the Quality Assurance system to underline the importance of a process supported by the whole university community.

In the Joint Studies Committees (CPDS), which are set up at faculty level at unibz, students are involved in the preparation of the annual report. The annual report analyzes the entire taught degree programs, highlights specific issues concerning individual degree courses and, in particular, describes the results of the course evaluation by students.

The student representatives in the AQ bodies

The Course Evaluation

Within the self-evaluation of the university, particular attention is paid to the experience of the students, who evaluate the teaching and courses through a mandatory online questionnaire and thus play a key role in quality improvement.

Each student fills in an online questionnaire and expresses their opinion about the teaching, the infrastructure and equipment, the role of the lecturer, the linguistic aspects and their general satisfaction with a course. The questionnaire is filled in anonymously. The data are collected at degree course and faculty level and published in the reports foreseen by the Quality Assurance system.

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The course evaluation 2

In 2018, unibz decided to make the results of the teaching evaluation publicly available to the students in order to enhance the transparency of the QA processes and to involve the students even more. The prerequisite for the publication of the assessment data is the consent of each lecturer with regard to their personal data.

Using PowerBI Data Warehouse, a separate area has been created for publishing the results of the course evaluation:

  • The lecturers have access to a special area called Professor Dashboard in the intranet cockpit.
  • The students have access to their Student Dashboard and to the evaluations of their teachings within their degree course.

Guidelines for students (student dashboard), and lecturers (professor dashboard) (consent to publication) are available, as well as an FAQ area for students and a dedicated technical helpdesk.

The Course Evaluation

Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of Students

The Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of Students describes in clear and concise terms, the rights and responsibilities of students at unibz. The document outlines the methods available for filing complaints and the specific procedures for conflict resolution.

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