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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. unibz declares its solidarity

The university expresses its deepest sympathy to Turkish and Syrian students and people affected by the recent catastrophe.

The death toll caused by the February 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria is dramatic. It exceeds 20.000 victims and it is still expected to rise in the next days.

Rector Paolo Lugli expresses unibz community's sorrow for the tragedy that has befallen the people in the area: “We are very saddened by this news. We call on all members of our university to take action – in ways that are most appropriate for them - to support relief efforts.”

A group of Turkish unibz students are appealing to their colleagues and the entire university community to help the victims. “Being far away from our homes, friends and families, financial aid is the only thing one can guarantee”, students Bektas Buesra, Gökberk Gündüz, Mert Tezcan and İnci Aslan say.

In South Tyrol, Caritas South Tyrol, through its international network, is collecting funds, as well as, on a national level, Protezione civile italiana (Italian Civil Protection) and the main NGOs (CRI or UNHCR) are also on the ground to bring relief to the survivors.

Image: Wikipedia