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unibz Students and Graduates Shine at SFSCON Hackathon Edition

Three teams composed of current students or recent graduates claimed victory in three out of the seven challenges during the 10th edition of the competition.

Last week, the international free software conference SFSCON was held at the NOI Techpark. On November 10th, 90 young talents competed for 24 hours straight, tackling seven business challenges through non-stop programming. A group of companies (Konverto, VMware, Beez, Gruber Logistics, Infominds, Systems, and Mooovex, in collaboration with lvh) tasked the teams with addressing real business problems by devising innovative digital solutions. Proposals ranged from an online marketplace for purchasing and selling digital goods to a user-friendly voice-recognition interface for booking applications and the use of image recognition and machine learning for tracking freight vehicles.

The three triumphant teams consisted of current or recent unibz students from the Faculties of Design and Art and Engineering.

For the KONVERTO AG challenge, Thomas Borsani, Marco Di Panfilo, Moritz Mock, and Jonas Rabensteiner developed a platform that furnishes farmers with valuable information regarding climate change's impact on their fields, optimal harvest times, and development status compared to neighbouring agricultural areas.

Addressing VMware's challenge, students Elias Binder, Marco Sciacovelli, Andrea Esposito, and Simone Ferraris impressed the judges with a comprehensive application designed for the next generation of charger interfaces for electric vehicles.

Last but not least, in response to Beez's challenge, students Alessandro Ercolani, Francesco Mazzini, Martina Monterisi, and Celeste Tomasi presented an innovative mobile application enabling users to create, collect, and assert ownership of digital assets.

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