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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Study Plan - Bachelor in Design and Art - Major in Design

Study Plan


* Seminar 
Students must attend 1 seminar among those offered by the Faculty, for 2 CP, which provides useful knowledge for the introduction into the job market. Attendance of the seminars is compulsory and requires a pass/fail test.

** Free Choice Courses
Students have 12 credit points available for additional courses of their choice. These courses may be chosen among those offered by the Faculty of Design and Art and/or those offered by other unibz faculties. The Faculty decides to recognise these credit points on the base of their coherence with the educational project.

*** Projects
In their study career, students have to choose 4 projects (letters A, B, C and D). Starting from the 2nd semester, students can attend only one project per semester. In their 2nd and 3rd semester they undertake one Visual Communication project (letter B or C) and the Product Design project (letter A). From the 4th semester on, students can decide how to proceed with their study plan, undertaking an interdisciplinary one or focusing either on Visual Communication or on Product Design: 
- interdisciplinary study plan: A + B + C + D 
- study plan focusing on Visual Communication: A + B + B + C 
- study plan focusing on Product Design: A + B or C (with the choice of one or the other) + D + D.