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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Agroforestry Innovation Laboratory


The Agricultural Mechanics research group is involved in several activities centred on some of the problems of regional agriculture, especially those arising from mountain farming.
The strong focus of the laboratory on metrology enables:

  • the research on specific problems of mountain farming;
  • the development of appropriate solutions for the local operative context;
  • the proposal of new certification tests for processes and equipment;

all toward the improved sustainability of the latter. In this direction, the partnership with local farmer associations and machine builders is a very important aspect and is greatly valued by the group.

Research Focus

Agroforestry Innovations: identification of new products/processes to raise the environmental/economic yield of agroforestry productions in mountains (fixed/mobile utilities; machines for haying and harvesting; storage structures for products; new materials; logistics of transport; livestock facilities); energy and operative performances, safety and ergonomic conditions.

Safety and Materials: study of equipment, materials and working methods that increase safety conditions in agroforestry works and recreational activities (related to tourism and winter sports); prevention and protection from residual risks; personal protective equipment.

Research Areas

Performance of plant protection equipment: the intense production of apples and winegrapes in the area involves a consistent use of plant protection products, which have a high risks of drifting outside of the treated area and pose risks to bystanders and ecosystems. An accurate measurement of the performances of the dedicated machines can shed light on which practices and conditions can improve the efficiency of treatments while safeguarding the local environment and aid in the development of new solutions.

Machine stability in steep slopes: custom-built indoor structure to test and certify, in a configurable environment, the stability characteristics of real-scale machinery such as tractors, tractor-implement combinations, small combine harvesters, small earth-moving equipment, etc.

Engine performance: the aim is to evaluate and improve the energy efficiency of tractor engines, both conventional and when employing alternative fuels. The equipment is compliant with OECD/ISO standards.

Smart Agriculture: development of electronic and mechatronic equipment for environmental, operative and field monitoring, compatible with Smart Agriculture applications and with Farm Information Management Systems


NOI Techpark, Building B5


Prof. Fabrizio Mazzetto