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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Laboratory for Soil and Plant processing


This laboratory is located in Laimburg, near the research sites of the Faculty of Science and Technology which consist of an apple orchard, a vineyard, a glasshouse and an Eddy Covariance tower. It is mainly used for research activities that require large spaces and produce dust and dirt. The main activities carried out in the lab are related to field experiments like preparation of instruments for sampling, manipulation of soil, rock or vegetable samples.

Research focus

Preparation of samples of soil, rock and plants. Calibration and maintenance of instruments.

Main Instrumentation

  • Meteorological station
  • Climatic sensor (temperature, PAR, wind, etc.) 
  • System for soil respiration measurement
  • Set for sieving, air compressor
  • Soil corers 
  • Large heater, fridges, etc.



Laimburg 1


Ceccon Christian