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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Bachelor in

Computer Science

The strength of this study programme lies in its effective merging of theory and practice, in the teaching in small groups of students supervised by some of the best Italian and international IT scientists and in the fact that the course is taught in three languages: Italian, German and English. English is particularly important as it opens the doors to international careers.

Course description

unibz railsgirls computer science

In this course, you will learn how IT engineers develop any type of software: this is something that has become crucial for research, development and production in all fields of modern life. You will gain skills in various areas of IT. For example, you will learn to explore and test systems within mobile and web services.

The growing importance of IT is reflected in the role currently played by IT scientists, who not only create software, they also team up with specialists from other fields and explore all possibilities to turn their innovativeness and creativity into reality. This is why our study programme does not only provide you with specialist competence but you will also learn about project management and the most effective presentation and communication strategies.

At a glance

Bachelor class: L-31
ECTS credits: 180
Duration of the course: 3 years
Courses will be taught in English (main language), Italian and German 
Places available: 50 EU + 10 non-EU
Campus: Bozen-Bolzano
Tuition fees: € 1.345,50 per year

Structure of the course

The first part of the course focuses on learning the basics of maths and IT. However, in the second semester you can already start your own developing project.

In the second part of the course, you can choose your modules, so that you can tailor your degree to your interests. Each lesson involves a lab workshop in which students put the theory they have learnt into practice. At the end of the degree course, you will have to develop a final project and dissertation in collaboration with a partner business or a research group in the faculty.

Markus Zanker


Degree Course director: Prof. Markus Zanker (photo)
Student representative in the Course Council: Chiara Masci

Exchange programmes and internships

Currently we offer more than 20 exchange programmes with universities all over the world and unibz is part of a large network of collaborations with employers in Italy and abroad where you can undertake your internship. When you write your final dissertation, you will need to undertake a compulsory dissertation-related internship lasting a minimum of 200 hours. 

Career opportunities

Our graduates do not just work for software companies. They also work in other business sectors in which IT plays an increasingly significant role, in the public administration and in many Internet companies. The range of employment prospects is ample and goes from developing software solutions to the administration of complex IT infrastructures to careers as a consultant or IT Business Manager.

Well prepared and ready for the job market. On the website of AlmaLaurea you can check statistical data about graduates’ satisfaction and their employability.

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Edona Gashi

IT System Analyst, Würth Italy, Bozen-Bolzano

Studiare a unibz ti apre la mente ed il cuore grazie allo splendido ambiente multiculturale e multilingue di questa università. Ho partecipato a e successivamente anche organizzato Rails Girls, un workshop sulle applicazioni web dedicato a ragazze. È  stata un'esperienza unica dove potevamo dar sfogo alla creatività e al nostro potenziale. In seguito ho partecipato al lancio del Makerspace, uno spazio che mette a disposizione tutti i tool per realizzare tutti i progetti che uno ha in mente. Io ho fatto così con la mia tesi e ho realizzato  un prototipo di un giocattolo per bambini.


studying at unibz

Studying at unibz

Living in South Tyrol, Housing, Scholarships, Single Subject Courses and more

International applicants 3

International Applicants (non-EU)

Application procedure, Visa, Residence permit and more


In order to be admitted for the course, you will be required to prove that you have a B2 level of competence in English and a B2 level in Italian or German. If you don't have an official language certification, you can take a language exam at our university.

Selection Criteria
Average of your grades of the second and third last high school years (up to 4 points); average of your grades of the scientific subjects (up to 5 points); if present, proven extra-curricular experience in scientific/IT areas (up to 1 point).

Online Application
Early Bird - for EU and non-EU citizens: 1 March - 26 April 2019, noon
Late Application - for EU citizens only: 20 May - 31 July 2019, noon 
Super Late Application - for EU citizens only (with the necessary language requirements: 7 - 14 October 2019, noon

Publication Ranking Lists
Early Bird: by 17 May 2019
Late Application: by 9 August 2019 
Super Late Application: by 24 October 2019

The faculty offers a preparatory course in Maths to first year students and it is normally held in the first two weeks of September.

You can find all the information you need about the documentation required for the application in the Study Manifesto. 

Contact us by phone at +390471012100 or fill in the request form.

Study Manifesto

Regulations (only Italian)

Ranking list

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