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MA Eco-Social Design: Project 2 by Adele Buffa, Evangelina Belèn Frate, Darlene Sullivan | SS 2020

Cora Happywear. Making leasing systems appealing

Cora Happywear is a local brand that produces and sells organic based clothes for babies and mothers. We collaborated with them to create a website that would be engaging for customers of all ages in order to create awareness on the topics of leasing and circular economies.



By developing a leasing system for baby clothing, sustainability will also be extended to the consumption level: with Cora’s leasing system, the garments circulate from child to child, according to their size, without excessive waste, nor financial burden.

The goal of our project is to create a service platform where to gather information regarding the system, while also encouraging the customers to engage in the service by offering a free trial.

In order to render this service more accessible, we also designed a series of postcards that will illustrate the various core values of the company to children, making them available on the website for coloring in PDF form.

Furthermore, the website will be a source of data regarding the consumers and their market interests, as well as platform onto which to advertise our products and our partners.

Our vision for the service is that of creating an ever-evolving platform: in a world that depends on trends and customizable products, we also want to create a service that will adapt to the needs of our partners. Moreover, we envision a wider distribution of similar services in the near future, from our data on market tendencies: sustainability, commoning and fair-trade are key words for contemporary markets.


Carola Kurz, Janine Vorfeld, Simon Barthmuß

Teaching Team:
Corinna Sy  (Object–Spaces–Services)
Kris Krois (Communication–Interaction–Services)
Jennifer Schubert (Social Interaction Design)
Secil Ugur Yavuz  (Design & Production)
Alastair Fuad-Luke (Design Research)
Lisa Borgenheimer (Counsel for Info Desig

da – Bürger*Genossenschaft Obervinschgau

Supporters & Stakeholders :
Armin Bernhard – da chairman and educationalist
Günther & Karin Wallnöfer – local farmer couple
Anna Folie – da board member and local farmer
Michael Hofer – da vice chairman and economist