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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


Summer Semester 2019/2020


Fair and Local Groceries: Persuading Consumers of the Immaterial Benefits.

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Engage employees to co-create a preferable working environment

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A 360° view into the future of South Tyrol

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Commons Communication

A Website for the German Commons Institute

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Cora Happywear

Making leasing systems appealing with Cora Happywear

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Community’s ingredients

The story behind the bottle

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The Bunker Project

A participatory vision development

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Don Bosco Festival

Moving from social distancing to social unity in physical distance.

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The strenght of connections

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The Burggraeflerplatz Project

Adding values to the public space through its reactivation

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Master Thesis Projects - Winter session 17.2

Campo Libero

Un’unità mobile di trasformazione della fibra di canapa per la ricostruzione della filiera a livello locale.

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HOLY SHIT brings a topic that usually is very uncommon to appear in public: Our shit has superpowers – and sadly nobody knows about it. So what’s really behind the daily duty?

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The Act of Giving

A different way of making gifts.

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Groß und klein erforscht gemeinsam eine Welt voller Wunderbarkeiten: den Garten!

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Winter Semester 2016/17

Introductory Projects & Processes

The first semester offers intense learning experiences for enabling students to develop complex projects later.

Summer Semester 2015/2016


NOVO means “new” — and new always means to do things a little differently.

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The Magic Carpet

Felting together a living space.

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Less Please

How to live a good life with less?

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Winter Semester 2015/16


A service for helping the contact between local producers and consumers.

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Malser Vielfalt an einem Tisch — The variety of Mals at one table

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Lost & Found

A project that communicates the importance of biodiversity, informing and showing the great variety of seeds.

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Animal - Dead - Meat, to activate this chain of associations, we organized a happening with 11 participants and three chickens.

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A cooking solution which enables people cooking a revisited traditional menu at home.

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A collaborative board game based on facilitating processes and cooperation.

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