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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

MA Eco-Social Design: Thesis Project by Johanna Perret | WS 17.2

HOLY SHIT - Auf ein Wörtchen über das stille Örtchen

HOLY SHIT bringt ein Thema zur Sprache, das sonst eher selten in der Öffentlichkeit auftaucht: Unsere Scheiße hat Superkräfte – aber leider weiß das kaum jemand. Was steckt also wirklich hinter dem täglichen Geschäft?



  • blufink
  • Lobis Elements
  • Gärtnerei Schullian



#Tabu #Superkräfte #Wasser #Problemstoff #Mehr/Wert: Das steckt alles in unserer Scheiße


HOLY SHIT examines the role of design in sustainable change against the background of resource scarcity, climate change and the resulting 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:


(How) can Eco-Social Design contribute to communicating the benefits of treating human feces, one of the last taboos in western society, as important reusable material within a resource cycle?


Scheiße als Wertstoff erkennen und durch Kompostierung nutzbar machen.


“Holy Shit – auf ein Wörtchen über das stille Örtchen” focuses on a communicative approach that combines visual design, project management as well as the conceptualisation and moderation of participative events on a regional scale. Hereto the project takes local and supra-regional stakeholders into account. Thus, it also focuses on an effect that goes beyond the limits of the thesis project, sets a stimulus and creates a fertile ground for future actions.


Geschäft abschließen und selbst Mehrwert schaffen


Think globally, act locally

On the basis of a mobile composting toilet, a pop-up exhibition and a participative event HOLY SHIT is both puts the topic in public, develops a communication strategy and creates a base for implementing an approach for reusing feces within the context of South Tyrol.


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