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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

A project by Yan-Su Wang

Lost & Found

Biodiversity has always been seen as an abstract and scientific word, but it is also strongly tied to our daily life.


 A project within the Master in Eco-social Design, inspired by the annual theme ESSEN/ALIMENTARE/FOOD (Project 1 - WS 2015/16)




  • Edith & Robert Bernhard


A brief description of the project

We have lost a huge amount of species during these years along with the planting knowledge, recipes and the eating culture behind them. Lost & Found is the first step of getting those uncommon type of vegetables back to the dinner table, which is letting them enter the visual field of the public by attracting people on the street. Lost & Found is a project that communicates the importance of biodiversity by introducing the vegetable variety and related background in agriculture, to arise the interest of the public in nonindustrial vegetables and the awareness of food diversity. Each brochure attached with a balloon contains a different seed from one uncommon vegetable, hand-drawing information about basic introduction and appropriate planting methods. 

The importance of biodiversity

Plants cannot walk but they spread seeds to the other side of the mountain by using the external force like wind, water, insects or animals. One of the most typical impressions in people’s mind is the image of dandelion spreading seeds with the help of wind. And in Lost & Found, handing out the brochures on the street is imitating a dandelion’s process of spreading the seeds. The seeds in the brochures are also the symbol of consciousness of biodiversity, which will continuously grow and spread in people’s mind.

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