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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Software Engineering and Autonomous Systems (SEAS)


Software Engineering and Autonomous Systems covers software and systems research across a broad range of interdisciplinary concerns in five areas.

Dynamic Architecture and Systems (DAS)
Analysis of structural and behavioral aspects of adaptive systems and architectures and their development in heterogeneous environments (IoT, Clouds, Embedded, …). Construction of controllers for intelligent resource management.

Software Development and Quality (SDQ)
Analysis and development of software to ensure performance, reliability and security of intelligent and cyber-physical systems. Extraction and analysis of software data from software archives (Mining Software and data Repository) and development of decision-making tools.

Continuous Agile and Lean Process Innovation (CALPI)
Development of methods and tools based on agile and lean approaches to improve integration and increasing continuity between software development and system operation. Applications of DevOps methods in software start-ups.

Computing Education Research (CER)
Research on all aspects of teaching and learning computing at all levels (from early education to professional contexts), focusing on software engineering education, pedagogical approaches, tools, and diversity.  

Field Robotics
Applied interdisciplinary research in nonlinear control and non-collocated shared control, motion planning and collision avoidance, simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), autonomous navigation of ground and aerial vehicles in unstructured Alpine environments.