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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Micro4Food Platform


Micro4Food Platform includes 4 laboratories and 3 pilot plants located at the NOI TechnoPark. Micro4Food has all the facilities for carrying out research on the above topics, including three pilot labs specifically tailored for dairy, baked good and microbial biomasses and plant products. Food processing, biotechnology, microbiology and omics technologies represent the multidisciplinary approach adopted by Micro4Food platform for getting powerful solutions to guarantee high quality standards of foods and beverages.


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Micro4Food is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (OP Investment in Growth and Employment 2014-2020).

Micro4Food Platform


Research Focus

The research on “diet – human axis” aims at shaping and assembly the human gut microbiome in response to dietary habits and specifically tailored fermented functional foods. The research on “food fermentations” aims at shaping and assembly the food microbiomes for innovative fermentation processing focused on the functional, nutritional and preservation of food matrices.

Laboratory of Basic Microbiology

The main equipment are: laminar flows, autoclaves, freezers (-20°C, -80°C), stomacher, centrifuges, (atmosphere-controlled) incubators, shakers, water baths, spectrophotometer, optic microscope, (food) pH meters, thermo-balance, and magnetic stirrers and fluorescence microscope (Leica).

Laboratory of Microbial Genetics

The main equipment are: 1 x QuantStudioTM 5 96-well 0,2ml Real-Time PCR System, UviTEC Gel documentation System (mod. ESSENTIAL-V6 WL 26MX); MultiNA MCE-202 Microchip Electrophoresis System for DNA/RNA analysis (Shimadzu); automated, scalable isolation of protein and nucleic acid KINGFISHER FLEX purification system (Thermo Fisher Scientific); C1000 Touch Screen Thermal Cycler (Biorad), standard electrophoresis equipment (nucleic acids, proteins), NanoDrop One and OneC (Thermo Fisher Scientific), and (refrigerated) centrifuges (Eppendorf).

Laboratory for Microbial and Food Fermentation Omics

The main equipment are: Biolog OmniLog® Phenotype Microarray (Biolog), Ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) mod. Dionex Ultimate 3000 SD with refractive index (Thermo Scientific), ÄKTA™ pure chromatography system for the purification of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules (GE Healthcare Life Sciences), LC-MS/MS TSQ Quantum Access Max triple quadrupole mass spectrometer coupled to U-HPLC Ultimate 3000 RS (Thermo Scientific), Biochrom 30+ Series of amino acid analyzers (Biochrom) and Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME®) (ProDigest).

Pilot Labs

Dairy pilot lab includes: i) poly-functional tank; ii) pump for decanting; iii) filters; iv) table with molds; v) work table; vi) cheese trolley; vii) separator for milk skimming; viii) yogurt fermenter; ix) packaging and heat-sealing machines for jars; and x) cold room.

Baked goods pilot lab includes: i) leavening cell; ii) ventilated oven; iii) static oven; iv) kneading machine; v) fridge counter; vi) dough sheeter; and vii) mill.

Microbial biomasses and plant products pilot lab includes: i) work table; ii) BenchTop Pro Manifold Freeze Dryer; iii) VIRTIS GENESIS 25 ES pilot freeze dryer; iv) Bioreactor for microbial fermentations Bundle 7L microbial ez 230V with Mass Flow Controller package Air 5-7L microb; and v) Bioreactor for microbial fermentations Applikon BioBench 20L system.


NOI Techpark, 2 Floor
Rooms: 2.27, 2.28, 2.29, 2.30, 2.36
Pilot labs: 2.03, 2.05, 2.07


Raffaella Di Cagno

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