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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Student Associations

unibz has a rich student life where students of all faculties can become members of our student associations.

Exchange Students unibz

Exchange Students unibz is an association that supports incoming exchange students at unibz. Welcoming them, helping with housing and other practicalities, tutoring, organising cultural events and leisure activities: these are just examples of what Exchange Students unibz does in order to facilitate new exchange students starting their university life in one of our campuses. Exchange Studenst unibz also promotes unibz students’ mobility by providing an updated information service about the different exchange programmes and by evaluating them through the experience of previous outgoing unibz exchange students.


k!kero is an association involved in cultural and recreational activities at the Bozen-Bolzano campus, such as university parties, debate evenings, seminars, film screenings, concerts and much more. Since 2016 it has been organizing the Sustainability Festivala yearly event including lectures, discussions, film screenings and hands-on workshops. The festival aims at spreading awareness on conscious lifestyles and long-lasting practices and it does so concentrating on the bigger picture, ranging from ecological and environmental issues to economic and social aspects that contribute to a more sustainable life on the planet.

Room C5.05
T: +39 0471 012 182

PRO - Students for Business

PRO sets out to invite business managers, external university professors and specialist speakers as guest speakers at our university to enable our students to get a clearer picture of the current economic situation and current business practices. PRO offers seminars and workshops in cooperation with local and international companies.

Room C5.05
Tel.: +39 0471 012 185


The Sports Club University Bozen-Bolzano (SCUB) offers a wide range of sports activities spanning from soccer to swimming and climbing. A special highlight are the SnowDays, an event for which more than 600 students from our partner universities flock to South Tyrol. At the same time SCUB is participating in international sports tournaments of our partner universities, like for example the WHU Euromasters at Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Room C5.06
T: +39 0471 012 183

Talía Unilife

Talía Unilife is the student association of the Brixen-Bressanone Campus. They organise a range of cultural and free time activities, not least in order to get to know the city and its surroundings: treasure hunts, info evenings, lectures etc. Their main objective is to create an active network between the students of the various study programmes and to promote campus life in the city.


The AlumniClub supports the graduates of unibz and helps them to maintain strong links with the University once they have graduated. The digital network of the AlumniClub gives graduates the opportunity to maintain or re-establish contact with their old University friends Since many of our alumni work abroad, the AlumniClub also organises events for alumni abroad. You can enrol by filling in the online form.

Room C5.07