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1st Specialist Seminar on Embodied Education

Event type On-site Event

Departments EDU Faculty

Contact Corni Federico

26 Sept - 28 Sept 2024

1st Specialist Seminar on Embodied Education

Embodied Education experts of the world, bring your bodies to Bressanone, and your minds are bound to come along!

Event type On-site Event

Departments EDU Faculty

Contact Corni Federico

With this seminar, we aim to bring together researchers and educators who are working in different areas of Embodied Education (EE). We would like to create a setting where participants can learn from each other for furthering research on the foundations of EE, and for developing innovative approaches to EE, particularly for educating primary and secondary school teachers (i.e., for teacher training).

Four keynote speakers will provide inspiration and suggestions. The invited speakers are:

  • Shaun Gallagher - Department of Philosophy, The University of Memphis (USA)
  • Magdalena Kersting - Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Athanasios Papaioannou - Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Thessaly (Greece)
  • Jordan Zlatev - Division for Cognitive Semiotics, Lund University (Sweden)

To facilitate productive theoretical and practical activities during the seminar, we want to work on the following four concepts:

(1) Balancing the body

(2) Conceptual blending

(3) Emotion, motivation, and the body

(4) The body and energy

 Click on "Additional Notes" down below to see explanations of what we mean by these notions


Provisional program:

Thursday, 26 September

14:00   Opening ceremony

14:30   Key-note speaker 1

15:30   Constitution of working groups

16:30   Break

17:00   Activities of the groups

18:30   Social event


Friday, 27 September

9:00      Key-note speaker 2

10:00   Activities of the groups

11:30   Break

12:00   Activities of the groups

13:30   Lunch

15:00   Key-note speaker 3

16:00   Activities of the groups

18:00   Social event


Saturday, 28 September

9:00      Key-note speaker 4

10:00   Sharing results of working groups

11:30   Break

12:00   Planning follow-up research and activities

13:00   Closing and future activities