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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured full professors | General Bus Mgmt * Strategy * Ldrshp

Michael Nippa

+39 0471 013181

BZ E3.05
Faculty of Economics and Management
Universitätsplatz 1 - piazza Università, 1

Short bio

Co-founder and Managing Director of a management consulting firm 

Chair of Management, Leadership, and Human Resources at Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (until 12/2014)


Advanced Strategic Management (curr. DCA)

25441 · SECS-P/08 · LM-77 Accounting and Finance · EN

Introduction to Management

27005 · SECS-P/08 · L-18 Economics and Management · DE

Lab in Business Consulting

25454 · LM-77 Accounting and Finance · DE

People Management

25571 · SECS-P/10 · LM-77 Entrepreneurship and Innovation - 2022 · EN

Main Research Areas

Strategic Management
e.g., Corp. Gov., CPM, Restructuring
International Management
Market entry, IJVs, SMEs
Technology Assessment and Sustainability
Acceptance of energy sources, mitigating climate change
Motivation, Leadership & HRM
Trust, Beh. Dec.-making, Loyalty, Ethics
R&D / Innovation Mgmt
R&D-Controlling, Virtual R&D Teams, Lead Time Mgmt 
Reeng., Org. Efficiency, Fcts. of Consultants


Life is no picnic!

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