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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors | General and Cognitive Psychology

Demis Basso

+39 0472 014294

BX A3.36c
Faculty of Education
Regensburger Allee 16 - viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00
The date is just an example: contact me by email to set a personalized appointment


Cognitive Ergonomics LAB

17287 · M-PSI/01 · Communication (L-20) - 2012 · EN

Diversity, learning difficulties and learning disabilities

11364B · M-PED/03 · Master Education Italian section (LM-85 bis) · IT

General Psychology

64102A · M-PSI/01 · Educators (L-19) · IT

General Psychology

51076 · M-PSI/01 · Social Work (L-39) · IT

Neuropsychiatry of Childhood

11361A · M-PSI/08 · Master Education Italian section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Neuropsychiatry of Childhood

11361A · M-PSI/08 · Master Education Ladin section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Psychology of Communication

17205 · M-PSI/01 · Communication (L-20) - 2012 · EN

Main Research Areas

Psychology and wellbeing promotion in educational contexts
Visuo-spatial planning, Attention and inhibition processes, Prospective memory, Visuo-spatial working memory, Human factors.


Rules for exams - September 2019
Right below this text (section "Relevant links") you can find the links to the information on dates/modalities for my exams. Check the file for your course!

In order to avoid misunderstandings or unpleased surprises, please do NOT TRUST on colleagues of yours while collecting info on courses/exams of mine: if you have doubts, ASK DIRECTLY TO ME!

I accept ideas for final Thesis: Let's arrange for an argument (among those I can handle), and the experimental paradigm, then you will collect the data (with my assistence), I will run data analysis (if you can't do it) and, in the end, we will discuss the outcomes. Contact me if that would interest you.

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