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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Academic Staff


Researchers with a fixed-term contract

Antonella Coppi

Community Music, Didactic and Pedagogy.

Milvia Cottini

Developmental Psychology

Barbara Gross

General and Intercultural Education

Claudia Lintner

Sociology of migration;

Salvatore Monaco

General Sociology (SPS/07)

Daniele Morselli

Entrepreneurship educatio key comp

Norbert Parschalk

Contemporary History - Didactics

Livia Taverna

Psicologia dello Sviluppo e Educazione

Laura Trott

Inclusive Education

Federica Viganò

Social Economy, Economic sociology

Teaching staff

Johann Eichbichler

chemistry, biology, geology, microbiol.

Alessandra Giglio

Foreign languages, Teaching Methodology

Annika Sulzer

Early Childhood Education

Antonella Tiburzi

Teaching history. Resources and tools

Marta Tomasi

Constitutional law, public law

Andrea Vitali

School-history in South Tyrol

Research assistants (AR)

Almut Schneider

Highland societies, Melanesia, Alps

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