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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Faculty Council - Faculty of Education


Giulia Cavrini

Vice Dean for Research

Niklas Klinge

Student Representative

Course Councils - Faculty of Education

Course council - Bachelor in Social Work

Course council - Bachelor for Social Education

Alice Paoli

Student Representative

Course council - Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture

Course council - Master in Primary Education

Michael Gaidoschik

Degree course director (German section)

Antonella Brighi

Degree course director (Italian section)

Paul Videsott, Dean

Degree course director (Ladin section)

Bianca Mazza

Student Representative

Course council - Master in Innovation and Research for Social Work and Social Education

Kolis Summerer

Degree course director

- -

Student Representative

Course Council - Master in Musicology

Franz Comploi

Degree course director

Marco Gozzi

Marco Uvietta

Andrea Giorgi

Irene Vignaga

Student Representative

Course Council - Master in Applied Linguistics

Lecturers' Committee - PhD in Education

Joint Studies Committee - Faculty of Education


Giorgio Bolondi

Academic representative

Camilla Zorer

Student Representative

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