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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors | Linguistics

Alessandro Vietti

+39 0471 012452

BZ C5.03
Faculty of Education
Regensburger Allee 16 - viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Monday, 11:00 - 13:00

Short bio

I earned my PhD from the University of Pavia, where I acquired a background in theoretical linguistics and in sociolinguistics. Most of the research I do focuses on quantitative analysis of natural speech, with the aim of understanding phonetic variation and its implications for linguistic theory. I am interested in combining experimental methods with advanced quantitative analysis to model speech production and perception. After taking a tenured researcher position at the Free University of Bolzano I set up a laboratory of phonetics and I specialized in the ultrasound tongue imaging technique.


Data Analysis

54109B · L-LIN/01 · LM-39 Applied Linguistics · IT

Elements of Linguistic Theory II

17263 · L-LIN/01 · L-20 Communication - 2012 · IT

PhD Summer School in Linguistics

15142 · PhD Linguistics · EN

Quantitative Methods in Linguistics

54109A · L-LIN/01 · LM-39 Applied Linguistics · IT

Main Research Areas

- experimental phonetics and laboratory phonology (articulatory phonetics and Ultrasound Tongue Imaging)
- sound variation and change (sociophonetics, exemplar theory)
- bilingual speech
- quantitative social networks analysis applied to sound variation