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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Competence Centre for Economic, Ecological and Social Sustainability

The Competence Centre for Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty centre of excellence, composed of professors and researchers from unibz and other Italian and foreign universities


The main objective of the competence centre is to study the economic, environmental and social aspects of policies and actions aimed at sustainable development in South Tyrol and to develop innovative approaches and solutions to be used in their implementation. The centre aims to bring together and interconnect the various areas of expertise, create synergies and stimulate fundraising initiatives, thus making a substantial contribution to the province's initiative in the field of sustainability. 

In particular, the centre has the following objectives in the fields of research, teaching and cooperation with companies and institutions: 

  • Promoting sustainability in South Tyrol and beyond, through research projects and initiatives that foster the transformation of society towards sustainability. 
  • Promoting networking, exchange and cooperation between research centres in the areas of sustainability, both between unibz faculties and with external partners on a local, national and international level. 
  • Creating education and awareness on sustainable development issues, both for unibz students and for entrepreneurs, managers and financial institutions in South Tyrol. 
  • Acting as a service and contact point for public and private institutions in South Tyrol to provide expertise supporting sustainable projects.

We work in partnership with individual businesses, as well as public institutions, and professional and business associations, to support their sustainability ambitions. To discuss ways that we might work with you or your organisation, please contact the Centre Director

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12 Oct 2023 14:00–19:00

Evoluzione della comunicazione aziendale, risultati finanziari ed impatto su stakeholders

Il ruolo dei nuovi standard Europei per il Reporting di Sostenibilità

23 Nov - 24 Nov 2023

Moral Hazards in Sustainability Research and Policy

The conference explores critical aspects, mystifications, insufficiencies, and pitfalls in sustainability research and policy in an economic, legal, political, and ethical perspective.
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