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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Environmental Sustainability


Environmental sustainability includes the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect ecosystems to ensure the health and general well-being of future generations. 

Conservation and Sustainable Land Use

This research area covers the conservation and sustainable management of land, nature conservation and the specific ecosystems of grasslands, forests and high mountain regions.

Team: Camilla Wellstein.

Team: Camilla Wellstein


  • Partnered with the Forestry Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Assoimprenditori Alto Adige – Unternehmerverband Südtirol for event organization.
  • Hosted "Climbing for Climate 5: Climate, Forest and CO2" on 30 September 2023, in collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), discussing sustainable development within the university network.
  • Organized the conference “Weiden im Berggebiet nachhaltig bewirtschaften” on 18 December 2023 with AGROSCOPE Switzerland, discussing sustainable pasture management and related research.
  • Organized a seminar on “Life Cycle Assessment of Nature-Based Production Systems” on 14 December 2023, highlighting the role of LCA in evaluating nature-based production systems.
  • Organized the Studium Generale Course on "Sustainability in Ecosystem Research and Management", 2023
  • Publication: Wellstein C, Broll M, Unterthiner G, Pietrogiovanna M (2023) Zwischen Sturmwurf und Borkenkäferbefall: Management von Extremereignissen in Südtirol. In P. Bebi & J. Schweier (Eds.), WSL Berichte: Vol. 144. Aus Störungen und Extremereignissen im Wald lernen, pp. 25-32. DOI: 10.55419/wsl:35226
  • Continued collaboration with the Fondazione FIEMME PER ETS on the sustainable development of Val di Fiemme-Fleimstal
  • Publication: Wellstein C, Tognetti R, Scherrer: Ecosystem-Disturbance Interactions in Forests. Special Issue in the journal Forests, open for submissions (deadline will be extended to Decemer 2024). Forests | Special Issue : Ecosystem-Disturbance Interactions in Forests (