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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Our mission

Our Mission

The competence centre’s mission is to promote and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable South Tyrol.  
To achieve this mission, we develop a number of research projects, articulated along the main dimensions of sustainability: economic, social, environmental.


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It is therefore an important interdisciplinary research reference point, capable of developing approaches and solutions with practical applications and providing the province and interested stakeholders with the basis for meeting future challenges. Therefore, the competence centre aims to: 

  1. function as a coordinator for internal unibz sustainability initiatives 
  2. be identified as a highly specialised reference centre for sustainability research on the basis of the quality of scientific production and the impact of research on the territory 
  3. facilitate cooperation between the University and the productive sectors in order to realise a research output that has a relevant and measurable impact in different areas, such as sustainability policy reporting and sustainability management, both locally and internationally 
  4. monitor climate change and socio-economic impacts at local, regional, national and international levels, with a focus on mitigation measures for natural and harmful hazards, and promote sustainable consumption development 
  5. foster the ecological transition at the social, economic and production levels by guiding civil society, the private sector and the public sector towards new ways of producing, distributing and consuming energy, raw materials and services 
  6. build and standardise a sustainability metrics system by deepening and declining environmental accounting issues 
  7. find solutions for the challenges of demographic change, with a focus on care and assistance needs, welfare, and the requirement of a balanced and social society with equal opportunities for all 
  8. train and motivate researchers, before and after graduation, in the study of sustainability with the long-term goal of building and strengthening research skills in this area and promoting employment opportunities. With this in mind, the Competence Centre makes it possible to attract researchers from abroad and consolidates unibz's network with Italian and foreign research centres 
  9. submit unibz's application to compete for funding offers and research calls promoted by local, national and international institutions, in order to support the experts who work at the centre and carry out studies of international relevance 
  10. support companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, through stimulating actions aimed at developing a corporate culture of sustainability and providing tools to measure, report and manage sustainability according to international best practices, following the transformational economics of business models of companies and corporate organisations as a result of the energy transition and impact on corporate mission