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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Resilience of Mountain Production Systems and Supply Chains



Increasing the resilience of mountain production systems and their supply chains.

Research Topics  

Extensive agricultural and forestry systems, with a focus on Smart Forestry and grassland management, remote control and management of animals, technological solutions for adapting agricultural practices in soils with extreme slopes, scalability of complete supply chains at the level of individual enterprises, (re)introduction of minor/alternative crops. 

Winter and mountain industry, with a focus on technologies enhancing the management of tourist areas, sustainability of technical snowmaking systems and transport/mobility solutions, safety and emergency response in tourism activities, technical, safety and sportswear for mountain activities, vision and augmented reality systems for intelligent quality control of products/processes; explore cross-sectoral (tourism-agriculture) agreements for the payment of ecosystem services. 

Mountain crafts, construction and manufacturing processes and technologies, with a focus on the primary and secondary wood processing industry, non-destructive systems for wood quality control, local handicraft products, technical clothing and footwear for mountain environments, local construction technologies, organisation/management of small carpentry. 

Offshoring and reshoring in mountain areas, with a focus on the location choices of companies, incentives for leading companies to relocate to mountain areas, (g)local supply chains, including insights into companies that provide solutions for industrial and manufacturing activities, and mountain tourism with related accommodation facilities (e.g. agritourism, wine and food routes, planning of accommodation facilities, sustainability in the design of wellness facilities). 

Further research topics 

  • Green and Digital Transition for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, focusing on: Smart Manufacturing, Materials, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Organisational, Economic and Legal Aspects (Spoke 3 of iNEST consortium) 
  • Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries, focusing on: New Digital Technologies for Tourism, Sustainable Business Model, Communication Strategies (Spoke 6 of iNEST consortium)