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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Safety and Quality of Life in Mountain Environments



  • To improve the quality of social life in mountain areas by promoting local cultural heritages and methods of communication and interconnection within multilingual and multicultural communities.
  • Increasing resilience and habitat quality in mountain areas, with a focus on problems and risks arising from climate change dynamics and health and safety in mountain contexts. 

Research Topics 

Social life in the mountains - Developing solutions for the implementation of Smart Villages in mountain areas, focusing on connectivity and smart communication solutions, thematic social networks, smart governance and health, smart commerce, education and lifelong learning strategies, especially in relation to multilingualism and polycultural communities; aspects of tradition and cultural heritage will also be taken into account, through actions aimed at promoting/protecting natural and historical sites linked to mountain culture (museums, monuments, tourist routes). 

Mountain habitat - Develop solutions to improve the resilience of mountain areas, implement actions to monitor and assess the effects of climate change on: local environment, air and water quality, hydrological cycle, resource availability, internal and external conditions perceived by the population and human activities, preserve biodiversity and ecosystem functions and reduce anthropogenic contamination of ecosystems, as well as promote single health strategies focused on both understanding and mitigating geo-hydrological risks and adopting safety and ergonomic solutions for mountain environments.