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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Courses in other Languages

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In addition to our trilingual courses we offer 40-hour extensive courses during the semester in Arabic, Chinese, French, Ladin, Russian and Spanish.

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Eligibility: students, alumni, full-tenured professors, researchers, AR, employees of unibz and students of the Studium Generale. In the case of any free spaces, also employees of partner research institutions in the province of Bozen-Bolzano can also register.

Non-traditional students, senior student cardholders, as well as external participants can only participate in the following courses: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Ladin.

The alumni, i.e. the graduates of unibz, can attend all courses on offer (with the exception of the three-week intensive courses) for a fixed fee of € 100 per academic year (registration form alumni).

External participants are required to pay a course fee (registration form externals).

Check the charges regulation for all course participants.

Students can register through Cockpit, accessing the section Student Zone > Registration Language Courses.

To our Class Timetable

2nd Semester Courses- Registration: 9-21 February 2021




Arabic A1.2

Prerequisites: module A1.1
Schedule: 40 hours, Sat 9-13 - Start date: 13/03/2021
Delivery mode: online via MS Teams

Talk about family, marital status, work, nationality, studies; cardinal numerals up to 100.

Verbs in present (singular and dual forms); dual forms of nouns, adjectives, personal und possessive pronouns;  genitive contraction; nominal clause negation; negation of the present verb.

Textbook and required course material will be announced on the first day of class.

Chinese A1.2

Prerequisites: completion of module A1.1
Schedule: 40 hours, Sat 9-13 - Start date: 13/03/2021
Delivery mode: online via MS Teams

Beginner Chinese language course for participants with little prior knowledge. Basic elements of grammar and syntax; phonetic exercises; writing exercises with Chinese characters. New words to learn: about 100-150.

Textbook and required course material will be announced on the first day of class.

Russian A1.2

Prerequisites: completion of module A1.1 
Schedule: 40 hours, Sat 9-13 - Start date: 13/03/2021
Delivery mode: online via MS Teams

Shopping and eating out; free time activities; jobs and work duties; telephone conversations.

Communication goals
Asking for and giving indications; asking for and understanding prices; talking about language abilities; talking and expressing opinions about free time activities; providing information with numbers, times of day, the days of the week, and months; talking about jobs and work; participating in a telephone conversation; talking with sales clerks and cashiers; ordering at restaurants and cafés.

The dative case and the instrumental case for singular nouns with and without prepositions; the nominative, genitive and accusative in the plural; the genitive with quantities and amounts; the preterite form of verbs; the imperative; the verbs of motion; word order.

D. Magnati, F. Legittimo. ДАВАЙТЕ! Comunicare in russo 1.
Corso di lingua e cultura russa. HOEPLI, Milano, 2017. ISBN: 978-88-203-7866-0

Russian B1.2

Prerequisites: completion of module B1.1
Schedule: 40 hours, Tue and Thu 18:30 -20:30 - Start date: 16/03/2021
Delivery mode: online via MS Teams


  • Practice accurate pronunciation and speaking; stress and correct intonation;
    Repeat and consolidate key grammar points (use of cases, aspect of verbs, verbs of movement, numbers, participles, passive voice, sentence structure;
    Develop important topics of conversation (e.g. story, culture, architecture, art and music in Russia).
  • предполагается работа над произношением и говорением, с учетом правильного ударения в словах и интонации; 
  • повторить и закрепить некоторые темы грамматики (например, использование падежей, а также вид глагола, глаголы движения, числительные, причастия, синтаксис простого и сложного предложения); 
  • развить некоторые важные разговорные темы (из области истории и культуры России, включая архитектуру городов, искусство и музыку русских композиторов).

Содержание курса предполагает усвоение лексических единиц, развитие речевых навыков и умений на основе и в рамках таких коммуникативных тем, как  “Архитектура русских городов” (на примере Санкт-Петербурга), “Искусство и красота в нашей жизни”, “Музыка в нашей жизни” ,“История”, “Государство и общество” (см. базовое учебное пособие курса).

O.Bejenari, F.Legittimo, D.Magnati. Davajte! Comunicare in russo 3, Milano, Hoepli, 2020. ISBN: 978-88-203-9449-3 (уроки 3-5)

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