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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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The research cluster “make” explores innovative approaches to the ideation of artefacts and spaces. It investigates alternative ways of conceiving, designing, making, producing and presenting as means to increase the intrinsic value of the work.

Based in South Tyrol the cluster promotes the approach of slow and local with a glocal perspective. Interventions and explorations from auto-production to industrial scale are addressed, as much as cultural, aesthetic and formal issues relating to the fruition of artifacts and to the way they become accessible to the public.

The cluster’s field of interest spans from design as a process to form as a final output (two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional). Tangible outcomes as well as methods and practices, are possible results of the research.

Coordinator: Gerhard Glüher

Team: Camilo Ayala GarciaMarcello Barison, Nitzan Cohen, Davide Ferrando, Roberto Gigliotti, Kuno PreySecil Ugur Yavuz