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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Quantitative Methods and Economic Modeling



Steven Eric Stillman


Giacomo De LucaFrancesca Marta Lilja Di LascioJan DitzenAlessandro Fedele, Davide Ferrari, Greta Goracci, Elisabeth GsottbauerAndreas Heinrich Hamel, Yuriy KaniovskyiEugenio Levi, Luciano MarzuferoAlexander MoradiFrancesco RavazzoloPaolo Roberti, Stefan Franz Schubert, Mirco ToninBenjamin Weißing


The Research Cluster encompasses research in the theoretical foundation and the methodological aspects that are relevant for the empirical study of the economy/economic life/economics.

Its research activities can be classified into to the following interconnected domains:

  • Growth, regional development and business cycles.
  • Labour economics, public finance and evaluation of public policies.
  • International Economics and Macroeconomics modelling.
  • Mathematical and numerical methods (decision theory, risk analysis, optimization) of economics, finance and management science and their theoretical foundations.
  • Statistical methods and Econometrics, including computational statistic and Monte-Carlo simulations, data analysis and forecasting methods, big data sets and high-dimensional models, classification and network analysis.

Involving experts in methodology as well as applied scientists, the research agenda addresses issues that are at the core of the current scientific debate, affecting society, individuals, institutions and markets.

Sample of publications