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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Ladin Section

Ladin Department

In accordance with the three school systems in South Tyrol (German and Italian school, as well as school of the Ladin localities), three “Sections” (departments) have been set up at the Faculty of Education for the degree programme “Primary Education”: a German one, an Italian one and a Ladin one. The Ladin Section with its quadrilingual degree programme (Ladin, German, Italian and English) is a unique selling point of unibz.
On the one hand, it is responsible for teacher and kindergarten teacher training, which meets the requirements of the multilingual education system in the Ladin valleys and is offered in the degree programme “Primary Education - Ladin Section”. On the other hand, it carries out an intensive research activity in the fields of Ladin language and culture as well as didactics at Ladin schools. The mission of the Ladin Section is to act as an academic research centre for Ladin, documenting, describing and developing this language.
The scientific projects are mainly in the field of Ladin language and literature as well as in the field of didactics in multilingual education systems.
Current projects of the Ladin Section are:

The Ladin section has its own publication series in the bu,press publishing house. In the series “Scripta Ladina Brixinensia” 5 volumes have been published so far.

The Ladin department is headed by Prof. Paul Videsott. Ruth Videsott is a member of the staff as RTD. Dott. René Pescoll and Silvia Mussner work in the Ladin internship office.