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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Social Dynamics, Active Citizenship and Systems of Solidarity



Giulia Cavrini, Susanne Elsen

This area benefits from the contribution of sciences such as Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Statistics, Law, General Psychology, and General and Social Pedagogy. In line with the mission of the Faculty and of the study programmes of Social Work, Social Education, and Communication Sciences and Culture, research in this area covers topics related to socio-education, social support, sustainability, and community development.

Particular emphasis is placed on: emerging social dynamics, new needs, right promotion and social inclusion, intervention quality in welfare, social, and social-educational fields, health with increased focus on the elderly, biodemography. Of particular interest is interdisciplinary research. A large part of the research carried out in this area is characterised as social research with a participatory and transformative approach.