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Professoren auf Planstelle der 1. Ebene | Physiology and ecology of tree ecosystem

Massimo Tagliavini

Short bio

1991 Ph.D. 1991-1997 Post Doc. 1998-2017 Associate professor Un. Bologna. 2007-now: Professor at UNIBZ. 2008-2014: Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.  His main research interests include eco-physiological aspects of tree productivity, water, nutrient and carbon fluxes.  He has published more than 200 papers, around 70 in  peer reviewed Journals(IF: 29 Scopus) . Invited speaker and organizer of many international conferences. Member of the editorial board of European J. of Agronomy and Tree Phys. 2005-2013: Editor of the Journal of the Italian Society for Horticultural Science. 2000-2015 and 2012-2017: Chairman of the WG on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops of ISHS. 2016-now:- President of the Italian Society Horticultural Science. 2016-now: Vice-president of “EURAC Research”


Allgemeine Baumzucht

40108 · AGR/03 · Bachelor in Agrarwissenschaften und Umweltmanagement · IT

Ecosystems and plant Ecophysiology

44517 · AGR/03 · Internationaler Master in Garten- und Obstbauwissenschaften · EN

Integrated orchard and vineyard management

44526B · AGR/03 · Internationaler Master in Garten- und Obstbauwissenschaften · EN

Landwirtschaftsökologie und Grundlagen der Pflanzenproduktion

40185 · AGR/03 · Bachelor in Agrar-, Lebensmittel- und Bergumweltwissenschaften · EN

Scientific method in horticultural research

44530B · AGR/03 · Internationaler Master in Garten- und Obstbauwissenschaften · EN


Ecologically friendly management of tree crops. Tree physiology and ecosystem studies related to carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water fluxes, mineral nutrition, roots, rhizodeposition.
we use a number of different techniques in our studies including micrometeorological approach and stable isotopes.


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