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PhD in

Mountain Environment and Agriculture

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The stages of the PhD

The doctoral programme is divided into four stages which end after 6, 12, 24 and 36 months, respectively. In stage 1, you will define the research area, your specific topic and the methodology. In stage 2, in the second half of the first year, you will have to define the research questions and expected results. Stage 3 starts in your second year. You are expected to apply the approach you chose to tackle your research questions and you will start to publish the early results at the basis of your dissertation. In the fourth and last stage, in the third year, candidates will have to collate the results of their research project and write their dissertation.

Fieldwork abroad

During the three years of the PhD programme, you will be required to commit full-time to your research project. The faculty recommends that you carry out part of your research, at least 6-12 months, in another research centre in Italy or abroad. This is an opportunity to diversify your study experience, doing research in highly stimulating and competitive contexts, while exchanging ideas with other scholars and, therefore, establishing an early network of colleagues in academia.

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