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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Animal Science Laboratory


This laboratory is used by the research group of Animal Science of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Among the main activities performed in the lab, primary (i.e., performance) and functional (i.e., health, welfare) traits of animals are evaluated.

Research Focus

Characterize different livestock breeds in terms of production, health and welfare parameters. In particular, low- and high-input dairy production systems are characterized, small ruminants and laying hens are studied in terms of gastrointestinal helminth infections and dual-purpose chicken in terms of productivity (growth performance, meat quality, egg quality).

Main Instrumentation

The lab contains several instruments for the research activities:

  • Equipment (e.g. microscopes) for the analysis of faeces samples for faecal egg counts (McMaster-Method, sedimentation method);

  • Equipment(e.g. stereo microscopes) for post-mortem analysis of laying hens;

  • Instruments to measure egg quality (Haugh unit, shell thickness, breaking strength, yolk color);

  • Ultrasound system to measure backfat thickness in fattening animals (beef cattle, small ruminants);

  • Mobile house for broiler and laying hens (capacity 395 laying hens).



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Christian Lambertz

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