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Micro4Food Platform

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Micro4Food is a microbial and food proteomics platform that enables innovation, sustainability and authentication of processes and products by using a biotechnological “supply chain” approach able to take full advantage of application opportunities. Work is undertaken in the laboratory to drive the biotechnological process in foodstuffs, to innovate process, to enhance its sustainability as well to exploit its waste and/or by-products, and to improve the nutritional and functional properties of the products. This is covered in two main research areas: i) food fermentations  with the aim of developing new products with enhanced nutritional properties; and ii) axis diet-man, in particular food intake/food conversion and the microbiome at the intestinal level.
The Micro4Food laboratory offers six interconnected laboratories that complement each other with their available equipment. The advanced “Omics” laboratories (Phenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics) occupy an area of approximately 450 m², which are equipped with instruments for chromatography and mass spectrometry, microbiology and biotechnology as well as food biotechnology. Also available are pilot and semi-industrial facilities for the production of fermented foods (baked goods, cheeses) and microbial biomass in an area measuring approx. 150 m².